Maintenance Management Specialists

Key Players

Roger Davies

In addition to being the founder of The Da-trol Group Inc., Roger is a professional instructor for the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC).  Roger also speaks at various maintenance conferences throughout Canada, the USA and England.  

After 31 years, he continues to be active in maintenance management optimization by sharing his knowledge with companies in need. 

Roger is also a member of the Stanford Canadian Who's Who and The Institute of Asset Management.

Arthur Wosinski

Arthur has been successfully involved in CMMS/EAM implementations throughout North America for almost 25 years and is a Principal with The     Da-trol Group. 

Arthur helps ensure The Da-trol Group has the right services and products available to satisfy "your" specific needs while keeping abreast of market opportunities and expectations. 

Arthur strives to add value and knowledge to your organization.  An excellent maintenance management specialist.