Maintenance Management Specialists

Maintenance Optimization Services

Teaching Workshops and Maintenance Consulting
on Processes and CMMS Selection

  • "Needs" definition – what is your Business Pain?
  • "Success" definition – what will success look like?
  • Preparation of RFI/RFP and distribution to potential vendors
  • RFI/RFP comparison, evaluation and recommendations
  • Risk Analysis – FMEA process
  • Project Management during CMMS implementation phases
  • Coaching on Value Tables, data cleansing/upload, PM task lists
  • System audit and gap analysis
  • System optimization and documentation of result

Maintenance Tactics

Managing your maintenance is a business on its own.   There are many maintenance tactics that companies can use to protect their assets.  Which one(s) should you use?  Each tactic has its own merits and should be used where best suited.  These tactics include:

  • RTF       - Run To Fail
  • PM        - Preventive Maintenance
  • PdM      - Predictive Maintenance
  • CbM      - Condition based Maintenance
  • Discard
  • Restoration
  • Redesign

Maintenance Methodologies

In addition to maintenance tactics, there are also various methodologies that can be used to help you optimize.  These include:

  • RCA      – Root Cause Analysis
  • RCFA    – Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • RCM      – Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • SCM      – Supply Chain Management
  • BBP       – Best Business Practices